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Maik Mueller (artist name: "ID MM")

Willkommen auf meiner neuen findd Seite.

Foto, Video & 3D
Art & Painting
Willkommen auf meiner findd-Seite
Das bin ich
Über mich

I create pictures for internet-graphic-contests and for selling as pieces of art to any person who wants to buy a picture I created! Write to me for Demo-Pictures (I send scans to You)…
for working with me write to:

Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

my postal-address:
Maik Mueller
Bruechau Nr. 42
39624 Kalbe (Milde)

You will find the Demo-Pictures (with watermarks) at “Twitter”: https://twitter.com/MaikMueller1

I will produce the picture You like at the size You want and at the material You want (acryl, paper, aluminium, cloth…) and with the border, You want (genuine root-wood, oak, chestnut and others – some borders in different colours like You want)!

I would like to try to design graphics for all kind of physical things (cars, furniture, all modern and progressive things !!!) too!

I would like to get my pictures printed (physical) on exclusive, modern, or futuristic materials and shapes. Do You know services (factories) all over the planet, which could print such things (international sending, I live in Germany)?

Do You know galleries all over the planet to exhibit my physical works?

Here is another part of my biography…

I am a German musician and my artist name is "ID MM". I sell my electronic music at "AMAZON", "iTunes" and other shops and streaming services. I started in 2012 to compose electronic music. Sometimes I take pictures and I create CD-MP3-Covers or other graphical works. I also published e-books and paper-books with the titles „Attack Of The Spider Woman“ and „Der Kampf Der Spinnenfrau“.



Best Regards – Maik Mueller – „ID MM“ – [email protected] - 🗿 - ⛩️ - 📡 - ⚗ - 🔬